OneVoIP 365

If you want to link your branches, departments, team members and improve business efficiency, you can do that by using our Value Shore VoIP telephony solution. For your company VoIP implies increased efficiency, reliability and response time. Landline and mobile phone calls are channeled over the internet instead of conventional phone networks.

Additionally, you don’t need any special hardware or regular maintenance to make phone calls with VoIP. The only thing you need to fully use our call center software and VoIP is internet access. VoIP software is easy to install on any PC, tablet, or phone allowing you to answer calls via the internet.

Value Shore will assist you in providing great customer service, which is one of the most important predictors of your company’s success.

Global in/outbound phone numbering

We offer phone numbers (DID) in more than 100 Countries to enable inbound and outbound call services for any volume of traffic. Our portfolio includes inbound toll numbering ( «black» numbers), part-toll (shared charge numbers) and full toll-free (no charge to the caller, «green» number) with both bulks, flat and per-minute pricing.

Built for distributed teams

Our cloud telephony solution is designed to include local, remote and mobile team members from both our Team as well as the Customer’s own. Agents, Service supervisors and any other process stakeholder can access securely from any location.

Click-to-call button

We offer an easy to integrate call button to allow end-users of our services to contact our frontline easily from most browsers directly from the Client’s website.

Virtual Fax

For all the cases where inbound or outbound fax capabilities are needed we offer native fax support with OCR, real-time linguistic translation, automated voice dictation of received documents and routing to email.

Customized greetings

We offer machine-generated and human greetings customized to your needs.

SMS messaging

Our systems support SMS messaging both inbound and outbound. Appointment reminders, support requests or updates, general marketing communications, debt collection information and general customer service interaction can be managed with SMS in any Customer scenario where the need arises.

Easy integration with business apps

Our virtual telephony system offers multiple integration points and can communicate with most off-the-shelf and custom applications in the Enterprise.

Extensive reporting

All of the activity and data transit on our systems is logged and accessible via web interface to our Customers. Up to the minute reporting is available 24/7. 


Users of the system are bound to individual monthly service subscriptions. This provides the highest degree of flexibility to shape costs around business volumes of our customer’s languages.

Our systems allow for the following call management features: Automatic Call Distribution, Intelligent Call-back, IVR – Interactive voice response, Universal Queuing, Predictive Dialing, Call Recordings, Voice Biometrics

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