Cloud Advisory

Most of our Clients devote ample effort to determining and pursuing identified business objectives; our role is to support the process from strategy to execution and concretely deliver innovative, datacentric, cloud native solutions.

ValueShore cloud consulting services cover every aspect of your cloud journey: from selection of target apps to migrate to consistency validation of migrated information, prior to production release. We are accustomed to HSE-sensitive operations, covering risk mitigation planning of mission and safety-critical IT environments. 

We can help your organization to shape a clear cloud business case engaging in conception and preparation. Our experienced cloud advisors will contribute to foster a safe and sustainable cloud migration strategy, implementing cost/benefit considerations related to which components of your IT environment should be (or not, or maybe not yet) moved to the cloud.  We analyze migration risks encompassing compliance aspects and helping your organization choose the right cloud implementation model and technology stack that is truly and practically fitting, as well as carry out migration testing and employee training.

Whether cloud-native, hybrid, single, or multi-cloud, Value Shore Cloud Advisory is the Partner of choice to draw the path of your Cloud experience.

Cloud Transition

Value Shore uses a combination of consolidated methodology, complex systems management skills throughout the Team and automation, to deliver reliable cloud transition services.

Our de-risked cloud transition approach, delivers tangible value to stakeholders seeking end-to-end reliability at predictable/competitive cost level. Value Shore cloud engineering capabilities, will modernize your IT landscape and accelerate your time-to-value journey.

We implement our Clients cloud migration strategy by deploying rock-solid technical expertise and consolidated process maturity in cloud migration.  We begin from your cloud strategy pillars and decode them into an optimized technical setup, covering of all of the planned scope. Our expert architects contribute with years of industry experience, to the ongoing validation and compliance verification of the implementation vs. blueprint, in an iterative feedback and correction process that lasts throughout the entire transition. 

Value Shore effectively contributes to substantial cost reduction of both cloud transition and cloud operations, providing hassle-free access to all the benefits of cloud-enabled  innovation.

Cloud Operations

Cloud operations represent a departure from the on-premises operations management paradigm. Value Shore’s unique cloud-native service model, based on ITIL V4 service processes and DevOps-as-a-Service approach, delivers a modern and effective solution to Clients of any size. Our operations go beyond running your services by focusing on continuous innovation and modernization, rather than just availability.

Our multi-disciplined crew will manage your day-to-day operations in the Cloud mix of your choice: we offer a technology-agnostic, dependable partnership model backed by years of experience, industry recognition and track record.

Cloud Data & Analytics

Value Shore can elevate your business by minimizing the hassle and expense of gaining the insights you need using our unique cloud data and analytics solutions.

 We can also help you modernize legacy platforms, moving them to the cloud within an advanced data management and analysis paradigm, allowing for a greater degree of innovation and deployment of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

The simplicity, accessibility, and capability of executing complicated data analysis on large data sets are key assets. Our cloud data professionals will provide the expertise you need to set your business on the right path so you can achieve your goals, hit KPIs and engage the market with disruptive data-driven information.

We also offer hybrid cloud analytics services, which allow you to benefit from cloud analytics even if you are unable to move all of your data to the cloud due to data sovereignty or strict governance regulations. Hybrid services extend SaaS analytics capabilities to wherever your data needs to be stored, whether on-premises, in a virtual private cloud, or in the public cloud.

Cyber security

As cloud services become ubiquitous and the amount of data collected grows, so does the number of vulnerabilities that can leave your company exposed to threats. We provide deep expertise in the cybersecurity field, to help ensure your data is protected.

Value Shore provides cybersecurity services that can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We protect your data traffic and systems against cyberattacks with proactive, targeted and industry-relevant threat intelligence methods, giving you the peace of mind that your company digital information assets are secured.

From penetration testing to incident response, our team of specialists empower Client organizations to effectively deliver on structured cybersecurity initiatives. We provide independent, tailored advice and services that cover all aspects of your data security.

By outsourcing cyber security to us, due to our scalability model, companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises, can focus on their core business knowing that we take care of all risks at predictable costs.

Application development

Value Shore application development services include technology consulting, development, testing, support and maintenance. Our developer team has a vast understanding of cross-platform app development and technology-intensive Frontend and Backend solutions that our clients can deploy as turn-key projects to reinforce their business models.

Our professional team offers a time and material basis model, suitable for mid-size to large scale projects while providing you with fully customized service and dedicated approach that allows you full control over the team and deliverables. We are specialized in cutting-edge development in the Oil & Gas industry. Our Clients significantly saved time and money with our assistance in optimizing the use of resources through digitization and application development.

Last but not least, our developers professionally and efficiently handle cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, etc. using cutting-edge technology stack with C# and .NET on the Backend and React on the Frontend. Besides the web and server, we also create cross-platform mobile and desktop applications with Xamarin and Flutter.

As your co-sourcing partner, we will develop an agile plan to fit your business. We will gladly find a balance between in-sourced and outsourced support and combine them in a way that will fit your need and the circumstances your business might be currently facing. If you wish you can acquire technical expertise from our app development team.


We combine people, processes and technologies to build higher-quality software. Full-circle DevOps deployment results in faster builds and faster delivery while maintaining software quality. The core concept is simple; to create code and changes to build and execute tests and to deliver effectively in rapid response to incremental business requirements.

Value Shore will engineer and deliver automation in all areas of the DevOps cycle: repository and version control, build and integration and release management. We offer design and deployment services as well as customized Cloud Integration services.

We assist SaaS businesses in significantly reducing and controlling cloud costs. DevOps as a Service simplifies a project’s data and information flow for easier collaboration.

You also benefit from improved documentation and quality control. As a result, businesses notice happier and more engaged teams, faster release speeds and lower release costs.

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

Value Shore monitors applications and infrastructure in accordance with agreed-upon SLA structures. This remote service is tightly integrated with our follow-the-sun end-user computing service and it works by analyzing events and alarms using a hybrid machine/human analysis. Of course, if required by the governing process, our service is followed by implementation of applicable standard operating procedures.

As a service option, we also develop custom solutions to integrate ML/AI with the event interpretation process.

The remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical is a key component of the IT Actions Dedicated / Managed Service Approach. Our monitoring operations rely on a highly available, redundant system in a multi-site DR-ready setup.

We are available with assistance and as a long-term knowledge partner throughout the lifecycle of the service to help establish outstanding monitoring capabilities.

Digital workplace support

The digital workplace is a virtualized version of the typical in-person office environment in which many aspects of collaboration and productivity are performed through the use of digital applications, cloud computing and other technologies.

Value Shore will boost your digital workplace by providing services that will help your employees in their daily tasks. Our End-User Computing (EUC) team will deploy both service and incident support on time while maintaining your workflow.

End-user computing benefits organizations by securely enabling a mobile, distributed workforce. A high-resolution rate (over 75%) is one of our proudest achievements. Service agility, strong client references and cost define our key strengths.

Our team of young professionals in customer and technical support will make your workday easier and remedy your computing wounds.


All requests and other technical concerns are directed to our Service Desk, which serves as a single point of contact. As our methods are highly flexible to your existing delivery model and are governed by ITIL standards, we can provide automation through a variety of workflows that we create based on the demands of our Client. We can also integrate and handle various important IT service tasks on behalf of our Clients, such as maintenance contracts, software licensing, service level management, availability management, and financial management.

Our SPOC function operates as a single point of contact for the most diverse incoming requests originated by employees, field personnel or other categories of supportable users. We manage IT and non-IT-related requests of incident support or general information by leveraging a wide array of support tools to log, track and dispatch “tickets”.

Whether you have a unique work model, a complex business IT infrastructure, or you simply want a predictable cost for the managed ”tickets” we can offer a team for you that will dedicate themselves to your everyday digital workplace needs.

On the other hand, if you are a start-up and work in a smaller volume, we can offer you a shared service including a standard configuration support desk with escalated support providing you the flexibility with our scaling model. Our dedicated team provides multi-lingual support in six EU languages.

Networking Services

With Hybrid Clouds, Collaboration, Mobile applications, IoT and Hyper-convergence, networking needs are becoming more complex. Value Shore Network Services provides a comprehensive set of consulting, industrialized transformation and managed services around networking in an as-a-Service model. The model allows organizations to reduce time to market, optimize costs and gain greater business alignment.

Through our unique approach, implementation and operation of secure enterprise IT network solutions, we can enable your Cloud continuum. If you wish to improve network resilience by integrating zero-trust security across business and industry OT/Edge networks, we are here to help. For desired agility and reliability, we may also update network operations through special processing and business optimization.

We also run a state-of-the-art global network and security infrastructure managed through strict processes and backed by deep skills in data transmission and security. Our global, fault-tolerant and redundant communication network allows for the relocation of critical systems to a different geographic region in case of disaster to guarantee uninterrupted service to our Customers.

Using our services, enterprises can count on improved network availability, reliability, performance, and security.

Custom Service

Your company is unique and you require custom-tailored IT service to fit your business?